We purchased our new house quite spontaneously. John walked us through the entire process, advising and helping us to make various important decisions. We were excited about the new venture but we were not ready to let go of the old house yet. We decided to have it rented versus being put on the market for sale. However, as the moving date was fast approaching, we had change of mind and we decided to focus on making the new house a home, instead of taking care of both properties.  John offered to help us once again and got in charge. He gave us valuable advices, which we followed. It was not only that we had not much time left before the moving date but Christmas and Holiday season were just around the corner as well. People were getting ready for the holidays, buying presents and decorating their current homes instead looking for new ones at this time of the year. The situation did not look very optimistic but John managed to have our house sold in less than three weeks and the sale got finalized on the day before Christmas. It was such a relief and we also got the house sold at asked price. Then we moved out and welcomed the New Year in our new house. Now, we have already made it a home, and we have grown to love it more and more over the  past two years. We are very happy with all the decisions, which John has helped us to make. We have also realized how important they have actually been all along. We recommend John Karimzad to anyone, who is interested in buying or selling their properties, regardless if they are big time planners or spontaneous risk takers, as we have been. As a matter of fact, John has eliminated the risk completely, so we could enjoy both, the adventure and the feeling of confidence in making the right move. We could not have it done better, even if we had this planned for years. Thank you so much, John!!!

Luba and George Grantcharov

From: Jing-yao Liu & Tian-Guo Hong
Hi, John:
Thank you very much for your help in selling our condo.  You helped us to get a reasonable price and saved us a lot of time. We are very appreciated.
Wish you good business in the future
Jing-yao Liu & Tian-Guo Hong
Jing-yao Liu & Tian-guo Hong

From:  Delfina Ferreira

We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.  My condo was listed for sale with two different agents and nether of them were able to sell my property.  I was given nothing but empty promises and excuses throughout the whole process and even up to the very end.  My mortgage broker recommended Said Karimzad.  We had the property listed and SOLD for a record price in my building. I believe that referrals reflect on the person and that’s why I have no hesitation to give his name to my friends, family and neighbors interested in selling or buying.

Thanks Said for all your help, advice and excellent service!

Delfina Ferreira,


From: Cathy

We sold our small house to buy a bigger house.  Said was extremely patient and walked us through our finances and could answer all of our questions.  His presentation of the various properties was clear and concise.  Also, by providing us with all of the necessary information, we knew exactly what we were qualified for, how much our closing costs would be and there were no surprises.  John supplies the whole package.

Soon-Hwa Jeong



From: Debra Jefery

I wanted an agent who had a marketing plan and not just put a sign on the lawn in hopes that it sells.  We hired Said and within a short period of time he found us our home and now it was time to sell our existing house and make the move.  We gave our requirements for time line and price… and let me tell you he had sold it in less than a week and we had 13 offers to choose from!  I don’t have to tell you that we got a firm sale – no conditions, above our asking price and the exact date to make our move.  When using Said Karimzad as your Real Estate Agent you just CAN’T GO WRONG”

Debra Jefery

From : zhibin liu

Hi Said, Thank you for selling our house.  We have one friend that’s also going to sell their house.  I’m going to give them your number. Thank you a lot,Bob & Rachel  Liu